Protocol Entertainment is a premier Radio Airplay Promotion, Management, & Consulting company, focused on providing experienced and professional marketing & overall project quarterbacking.


"Protocol was the first radio promotion company we hired for 'Lullaby' before being signed to Columbia Records. They were a major part of the song's climb to #1 on several radio formats!" SHAWN MULLINS


"Over the years, Protocol Entertainment has kicked butt for Fozzy! They rock!" CHRIS JERICHO


Jennifer Nettles, Chris Jericho & Fozzy, The Outfield, Tony Lewis, Parmalee, Shawn Mullins, Rehab, Butch Walker, Josh Joplin, Keni Thomas, PYLETRIBE, are all current or former artists!


"Protocol was the 1st Radio Promotion company to help us go for adds on 'Freak of the Week', all without a record deal!  It's great to have someone that represents the pride of the music scene.“ BUTCH WALKER


“A great promoter and an even better friend who I have shared fun times with” JOHN SPINKS, THE OUTFIELD

"Our first album and tour because of you mate! Thanks for being a great manager and above all great person. If it wasn’t for you none of this would have been possible!" TONY LEWIS

Jennifer Nettles Radio Pic

JENNIFER NETTLES successful career began with her solo CD Story of Your Bones, which Protocol promoted.  Now as the lead singer of country-music’s hottest act Sugarland, Jennifer is a multiple Grammy-winning artist who is respected on a global level.

Fozzy Radio Pic

FOZZY featuring CHRIS JERICHO and RICH WARD have become one of Rocks current core artists, having garnered three Billboard Top 10 radio singles in a row.   Fozzy has  toured  extensively throughout America and overseas, sharing the stage with such acts as Metallica, Anthrax and more!

Shawn Mullins Radio Pic

Protocol quarterbacked SHAWN MULLINs‘ #1 smash hit “Lullaby”, sparking Columbia Records to sign him.  Mullins went on to top the national radio charts at #1 for eight straight weeks and later received a Grammy nomination.  “Lullaby” is still one of the most beloved smash hits today.

Protocol helped break REHAB’s hit song, Bartender” which  climbed to Top 10 on the National Radio charts for Rock and Top 40, becoming one of the most reactive songs with listeners. “Bartender” also crossed into the country format, as the video, which also features Hank Williams Jr., was nominated for CMT Collaborative Video of the Year.

Protocol promoted BUTCH WALKER’S smash hit “Freak of the Weak” when it broke out and went on to be a top 5 record.   Butch has gone on to a successful music career, also producinged records for Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Pink, Tommy Lee, & more.

Protocol performed radio promotion for PARMALEE as an up and coming indi band out of North Carolina.   They eventually made their mark in country music, garnering a huge #1 single nationally with “Carolina”. as well as a number of Top 10 hits.

The DUMB AND DUMBER movie prominently featured Deadeye Dick’s single “New Age Girl” on Ichiban Records, which reached Top 10 at pop Radio and Gold status.  DUMB AND DUMBER is still seen regularly today as a classic re-run and “New Age Girl” has a promenant scene in the movie. 

13 STORIES‘ single “Beep! Beep!” became the core of a major FORD Motors campaign, as the song and band were featured in an extensive television and radio commercial.   “Beep! Beep! also became the anthem for the Carolina Hurricanes NHL championship run. 

KENI THOMAS extensive career consists of Billboard charting songs, and live performances at NFL games, the World Series, NASCAR, and more. Keni was prominently featured in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” with Reese Witherspoon, and his single “Alabama Home” was featured in a major NASCAR campaign for the Taladega Speedway. 

THE OUTFIELD are one of the most liked bands of all times as their classic single “Your Love” remains an icon anthem favorite.  Protocol promoted their self released CD’s at radio over a 10 year period, charting on a national level.

One of the greatest live bands ever, Protocol promoted COWBOY MOUTH at radio, has electrified audiences all over the world with their live performances, as well as appearing on shows such as Ellen and being featured in major movie soundtracks.

Protocol worked with PAUL McDONALD and his band Hightide Blues, helping to build airplay support for them nationally at the radio level.   The momentum continued for Paul as he appeared on American Idol finishing as one of the 6 Final contestants!

As a member of the Grammy group LFO, Devin Lima had three top 10 singles including a #1 single for six weeks with “Summer Girls”, selling over 5 million CDs in the US alone. Protocol promoted Devin’s solo debut, Mozart Popart, at radio.

JOSH JOPLIN’S single “Camera One” became the first No. 1 hit on adult album alternative radio by an independent record label ever. This opened up opportunities for appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Protocol had the pleasure of promoting BRYAN VANDER ARK’s CD Resserection at radio.  Vander Ark is the lead singer of THE VERVE PIPE, best know for their classic hit “Freshman”

95 SOUTH’S “Whoot, There It Is” sold over Three Million copies and is still heard regularly on the radio as well as the anthem chant for sports stadiums.

Platinum selling artist and hip hop pioneer  MC BREED successfully had many radio hits includingGotta Get Minewhich featured 2Pac.

DRVIN N CRYIN has long reigned supreme in the region with their hard-rocking, southern roots music, and were THE WHO’s opening act on their Quadrophenia tour.

LIL JON’S first CD featured the track Who Datwhich helped launch the start of his career, and future multi platinum super star success.

CURTIS MAYFIELD is one of the most respected singer songwriters of our time, and his soundtrack for Superfly remains a classic.

BEN E. KING is a legend with classic hits “Stand By Me” & “There Goes My Baby”, charting 21 songs on Billboard’s Top 100.