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Protocol Entertainment Featured in ALL ACCESS,  the Music Industry’s #1 Source.

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Protocol Entertainment featured in ALL ACCESS, the Music Industry #1 Source. Just click the link below to start reading – Enjoy!


ABC Radio National Tour Manager, Ichiban Records Vice President, Gotmerch Ecommerce VP of Sales, 404 Music VP Promotion, Protocol Entertainment President

1. What got you interested in the music business? 

I attended the University of Georgia in Athens GA, and a friend and I started booking bands for local Clubs, Events, and Party’s. We had ZERO idea what we were doing but Athens was an iconic music town, and we wanted to be part of it. We created a list of local bands which happened to include the bands Mr. Crowes Garden and Marching Two Step.   Little did we ever think those two bands would go on to hit it big – The Black Crowes and Collective Soul. After watching that happen, I was hooked.

2. Tell us about your first industry job 

In the early 90s, I started at a small Indie Label in Atlanta called Ichiban Records. I began in the warehouse shipping out packages, and as the company grew, I eventually worked my way up to Vice President. I was spearheading a wide range of Radio campaigns for such platinum artists as 95 South “Whoot There It Is”, Deadeye Dick “New Age Girl”, and MC Breed & 2 Pac “Gotta Get Mine”.  Overall, we had a wide-ranging roster of iconic artists including Curtis Mayfield, Ben E King, Lil Jon, Drivin n Cryin, Ashford & Simpson, The Fleshtones, and more.     

3.  What prompted you to start Protocol Entertainment?  

 I always had the entrepreneurial mindset, so it seemed like a natural progression to start my own company.  My first client was an unknown artist named Shawn Mullins, who at the time was selling CDs out of the trunk of his car. Shawn’s single “Lullabye” quickly exploded at radio, becoming the hottest radio song at the time. After that, I had the privilege of working with other unsigned up and coming artists who went on to success such as Jennifer Nettles, Butch Walker, Parmalee, Fozzy, Rehab, and more. Industry vets like John Kilgo and Sam Kaiser were always instrumental for bouncing off ideas and advice.

4. You have many facets to your company. What areas do you focus on most? 

I spearheaded the first radio campaign for Fozzy, and back then it was just myself along with manager Mark Willis doing the heavy lifting.  Mark asked me to join the management team, and the band now has a full staff, achieving Six Top 10 singles as well as a Gold Single for “Judas”. I ventured further into the management arena, taking on management for such artists as The Outfield and singer Tony Lewis, PYLETRIBE featuring Hall of Fame Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle and son Chris, Keni Thomas (‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Movie), Hero The Band, and recently Guardians of the Jukebox featuring Fozzy and Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward. The Management side is a tough yet rewarding journey.  Like it or not, your artist becomes a family member, so you better be fully bought in and committed.          

5. Tell us about your venture with Madison Records.

Another area I’m very excited about is as the Promotion Director for Madison Records out of Atlanta. Madison is the home to one of the top Recording Studios in Atlanta, which features the world-famous Mixing Console used by Brendon O’Brien for such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Train, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, etc. Along with Madison Producers Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates, we’ve been able to create a special roster of Up & Coming artists in addition to high profile established artists. 

6. Protocol Entertainment has been in business for 22 years now. What is your secret to success in a volatile industry?  

Retain a deep passion for the Industry.
Out work yourself every day. 
Develop sincere long standing friendships.
And the daily prayer to deal with all the craziness doesn’t hurt either!

7. Do you have a go-to strategy in regard to artist branding?

Create a new blueprint. Every artist and situation is different, therefore every campaign should be approached with a fresh blank canvas. So peel back the layers and look for the opportunities, and eventually smarter mistakes lead to greater success.     

8. What is the most rewarding part about your job?   

Artist Development has always been a big part of Protocol Entertainment, and there is no bigger energy rush than breaking an up and coming Artist. The ‘That Thing You Do’ moment never gets old!   

9. What projects do you have coming up?

* The Outfield’s Tony Lewis – Previously unreleased video and single, which was in the works at the time of his passing
* Fozzy – A new single in March at Active Rock
* Madison Records Artists – Exciting releases at Active Rock, Alternative, and Triple A with artists Like Machines, Forrest Isn’t Dead, The Future Babes, and more
* Chris Jericho’s side band Kuarantine – New releases coming in 2023
* Guardians of the Jukebox – Original debut releases in January 2023
* Pyletribe – New Single releases coming in 2023
* Siren – New Singles and Album coming in 2023

10. Fill in the blank: I can’t make it through the day without …


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